The Main School Uniform

The Main School Uniform

School V-neck jumper with HBS crest* This is central to our uniform and all Year 7 to 11 students must wear this.
School tie* This is compulsory for all Year 7 to 11 students. The tie is consists of traditional school colours of blue and red with a House stripe to show allegiance to one of our four Houses.
Trousers Trousers can be worn by all students; they should be black suit-style trousers. Trousers must be pulled up to the waist.Trousers - Black suit trousers. We would like to remind you that stretch material trousers are NOT permitted
Shorts Shorts can be worn by all students; they should be black tailored shorts and be knee length. Shorts must be pulled up to the waist. Skinny-fit,  cargo or jean-style shorts are NOT permitted. Shorts may be worn over tights or with socks.

Skirts can be worn by all students; they must be just above the knee (7cm from the knee) and black. Only skirts with a pleat may be worn. Stevensons will be selling box pleat skirts, but the school will accept any type of pleated skirt. Skirts can be purchased from local high street shops or supermarkets. Stretch material skirts are NOT permitted.

2023/24 Year 11 students ONLY may wear straight, just above the knee length skirts. These must be black and CANNOT be made of stretch material. 

Shirt White formal “school shirt”. Vests or T-shirts can be worn under the shirt but must be plain white, and shirts must be tucked in unless it is a fitted formal shirt with a collar.
Socks Plain, white/black ankle socks only. Knee length socks are not permitted.
Tights Plain, black only. Students may like to consider bringing a spare pair in their bags in case of ladders.
Belts These should be black with a plain, reasonably-sized buckle and thin enough to go through standard trouser loops. Belts of excessive width are unacceptable.
Shoes Black, plain, leather or leather style, with black laces, low-heeled, of a sensible design, practical and ideally weatherproof. Plain black trainers without logos or branding are acceptable. Black, logo/branded trainers are NOT permitted. Plimsolls are NOT permitted as school shoes and boots are not acceptable. See below to view acceptable school shoes.

* Only available from


Summer uniform (Term 6 ONLY)

Students are allowed to wear white short sleeved shirts(blouses) and are not required to wear a tie. Shirts(blouses) must be tucked in. Knee length shorts are permitted all year round. Black tights or plain white/black ankle socks only. Knee length socks are not permitted. Socks over tights are not permitted

In cases of extreme tempertures, a decision may be made to allow students to wear their Henry Box School PE kit. If this decision is made, communiaction will be sent to all families in advance. Students wil not be permitted to wear their PE kit to school as uniform unless communication has been sent to families.

HBS shoe poster 2022