Exam Information

All candidates are individually sent details of the examinations that they are entered for. It is always possible that last minute changes might happen, and students are advised to check the noticeboard outside of the exams office. Seating plans are displayed outside exam venues approximately 20 minutes before the exam starts.

Students need to arrive outside the exam venue 10 minutes before the exam start time. 

Please see the documents below for regulations and information relating to coursework, non-exam assessment and written examinations.  This information is correct for 2020/2021 exams and may be updated during the year for future exams.


If you have any queries regarding examinations, please contact Mrs S Hunt, Examinations Manager (tel. 01993 703955).


GOV.UK Student guide to exams and formal assessments in 2021 to 2022

Arrangements for exams and assessments are a little different this year from other years when exams have gone ahead. This is to take account of the disruption to education caused by the pandemic.

The link takes you through to the GOV.UK guide which explains what is in place to support students in taking exams and assessments. It also provides other information about this year’s arrangements. 

Link: Student guide to exams and formal assessments in 2021 to 2022