House System

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The House system was reintroduced as part of the school’s 350th anniversary celebrations in 2010.  Students and staff belong to one of four school Houses and compete against each other in House competitions and collect House points. At the end of every year at the final Christmas assembly, the House with the most points is awarded the House Shield.

The aims of the House System are to encourage student participation in extra-curricular activities, foster a spirit of healthy competition and celebrate success, as well as giving more students leadership responsibilities within the school and integrating students across the year groups. At the heart of the House System is student ownership; students lead the Houses, suggest and organise competitions, and deliver House assemblies for other students. Sixth Form House Leaders are attached to Key Stage 3 tutor groups and mentor younger students in their Houses.

House Names

A school-wide competition was introduced asking students, parents and staff to suggest names for the new school Houses.  Each House was assigned a century since the school was founded in 1660 and names of people from that century were requested who represented the characteristics the House would want to cultivate.  The following Houses were chosen which are felt to represent the kinds of characteristics we want our House System to foster – the importance of education and learning, the caring and pastoral element, leadership and determination, as well as sporting excellence.

  • Churchill House

  • Newton House

  • Nightingale House

  • Redgrave House