Vertical Tutoring

From September 2018 The Henry Box School aims to introduce Vertical Tutoring across Years 7 to 11.


During March, members of the Student Council and the Head Boy, Harry Souch and Head Girl, Katy Longden have visited Gosford Hill School and Matthew Arnold School to gather further information on vertical tutoring. Both visits were very informative and gave a great insight in to how the system works. 

A lot of the Council's most crucial questions were answered, mostly by other students, and this led to important feedback about the advantages and obstacles of the system. This has been taken into account by the student leadership team to ensure our inaugural year of the system is successful.

The councillors will be sharing their knowledge about the system with parents on Wednesday 28th March in the Hall at 6pm, as well as with students in upcoming assemblies and discussions at lunch times. A big thank you to Mr Gilkes for organising the visits

Sam White Year 9 School Council Member


Below are some useful links regarding our vertical tutoring change. Please take a moment to explore these, especially if you have concerns.  

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