Parents' Evenings and Tutor Meetings

Parents’ Evenings for Years 10 to 13

Years 10-13 Parents’ evenings will be held as usual with parents having a five-minute meeting with each member of staff in Years 10 and 11 and a ten-minute meeting with each member of staff in Years 12 and 13.

You will find a link to the booking site under Quick Links above. 


Tutor Evenings for Years 7 to 9

From September 2019 we are trialling a new system for students and their parents in Years 7 to 9. Following feedback from parents and teachers we have decided to hold a longer twenty-minute meeting with each family. This meeting will be with your child’s form tutor who will collect information from your child’s subject teachers beforehand to inform the meeting. Students will also be asked to bring their exercise books to the meeting. Rather than have a specific day for the meeting we have identified a two-week window for these meetings to occur. This allows more flexibility for you to arrange a time which best suits your day. Your child’s tutor will contact you before the two-week window to arrange a time. The dates for the two-week windows are given overleaf. We hope that this will enable you to have a full and meaningful discussion about your child’s progress and to build up a relationship with your child’s tutor.


Reporting at a Glance for All Years

Time of year Year Event
Early to mid November 7 Tutor Meeetings
Mid November 10 Progress Check issued
Mid November 10 Subject Parents' Evening
Late November 13 Progress Check issued
Early December 12 Progress Check issued
Early December 13 Subject Parents' Evening
Late January 11 Progress Check issued
Late January 11 Subject Parents' Evening
Late January 12 and 13 Mock results and Progress Check issued
Early February 12 Subject Parents' Evenings
Late February to early March 9 Tutor Meetings
Early March 13 Intervention Evening
Late March 11 Progress Check issued
Early April 10 Progress Check issued
Late April to early May 8 Tutor Meetings
Mid May 9 Progress Check issued
Mid June 7 Progress Check issued
Early July 8 Progress Check issued
Mid July 10 Progress Check issued

Please see the What's on school calendar for dates.


Parents' Information Sessions

October 2019, saw our first sessionon 'How to support your child in secondary school', this was open to parents of children in Year 7, 8 and 9.   

Given the popularity and positive feedback following the event, we will be holding a similar evening in the Spring term, but will aim to invite parents of children from all year groups

Attached are some of the presentations from the event related to the topics in the download section below.





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