Local Committee Profiles

Parent Volunteers

Jo hoskin

Joanna Hoskin

Jo has a son who currently attends The Henry Box School and she was a previous employee. 

Jo currently works for Oxfordshire County Council in Children's Services as a Senior Youth Worker, and feels very privileged to work with young people throughout the county. 




Academy Appointed Volunteers

Helen marshall

Helen Marshall 


Helen and her husband have lived in Witney for 20+ years, during which time they had a break of 3 years where they lived in Erlangen, Germany through Helen's husband’s work. Helen has 3 children, one of whom went to Wood Green, and two who went to The Henry Box School.

Helen works part-time on the Adolescent Unit at the Children’s Hospital in Oxford as a Paediatric Nurse. Her interests include all things German (her family hosts German students throughout the year), and music (she is learning the cello).  Helen also runs a toddlers music group in Witney and enjoys singing.

Helen is the Committee's Safeguarding Lead .

Joshua rowley hbslc

Joshua Rowley

Joshua has been living in Oxford since 2014 from the Isle of Wight. He moved his 3D printing company (E3D Online, Chalgrove) to Oxfordshire and now employs around 60 staff.

Joshua was at Uppingham School, and studied Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics at Newcastle University. He is connected to the school through the Grocers Company.

Having gone through school with dyslexia, Joshua is particularly keen to support pupils with special educational needs.

Marie Daouda

Marie Daouda

Dr Marie Kawthar Daouda teaches French language and literature at Oriel College, Oxford, and is a fellow of Ralson College, Savannah. Dr Daouda 's academic work focuses on 19th century literature in France and Great Britain, in connection with Classics, History, and Politics.

Dr Daouda is passionate about education and about helping children and teenagers grow into responsible, intellectually curious adults. 


Staff volunteers

Wendy hemmingsley

Wendy Hemmingsley 


Wendy joined the school in September 2013 and has served on senior leadership teams in both Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire. As Headteacher, she has overall responsibility for the standards across the school, with a focus on improving student achievement through high challenge and high support. Wendy leads on the promotion of the school’s core purpose, vision and values. By building on the many strengths of The Henry Box School, she is responsible for ensuring that there is a culture of continuous improvement with high quality learning and teaching at the centre.

Wendy aims for The Henry Box School to continue to be a school where everyone is given the opportunity to achieve their best.

Kerrie Bradley

Kerrie joined The Henry Box School in 2008. Her first role was within the Languages department. Kerrie has held a number of roles since her start, she currently works within the Learner Engagement Team as a Student Support Worker.