GCSE History

At GCSE level we teach the AQA 8145SC History Specification, we offer four modules across year 10 and 11. In the downloads section below you will find self assessment checklists to help you find and revise the content for each exam. Along with these you will also find a revision resources list for both year 10 and year 11. These revision resources include videos, podcasts, revision guides and online learning platforms that you could access.

The history department have also produced a range of videos explaing each of the four exam papers, these can be found linked below:

We have additionally uploaded packs of all available practice papers on to Satchel: One, if you complete a question please hand it to your history teacher who will be more than willing to mark it.

A-level history

At A-level we teach the AQA 7042 History Specification, we follow two modules across both year 12 and 13.


Page Downloads Date  
America self assement 11th Mar 2020 Download
Cold war self assement 11th Mar 2020 Download
Revision Resource list 2022 04th Apr 2022 Download
Health the people self assessment 04th Apr 2022 Download
A Level Making of modern Britain self assessment 23rd Feb 2023 Download
A level Tsarist and Communist Russia self assement 23rd Feb 2023 Download
GCSE Elizabeth self assement 23rd Feb 2023 Download