The school canteen is located in the Drama Block. The service is provided by Alliance in Partnership (website).  If a student has any specific dietary requirements or you have a question about ingredients, etc please contact  Alliance in Partnership.  Please see the document below for further information on special dietary requirements and allergy information.

Please call
0121 420 3030

Or email

The canteen is open before school from 8:00am and also at Brunch and Lunch. Sample menus and Meal Deals can be found below.

The canteen does not accept any cash payments at their tills. Payments can be made via your ParentPay account under the Meals section. Alternatively, students can add cash directly to their dinner money account through the cash revaluation machine which is located in the canteen.

Cash must be loaded well in advance of purchasing food at the tills. The best time for students to do this is before school when it is quieter. ParentPay also allows parents to see what their child has purchased from the canteen.

Meal Deals

Henry box meal deal 2 Henry box meal deal 3
Henry box meal deal 4 Henry box meal deal 5 Henry box meal deal 6



Canteen Menus Date  
Canteen menus 05th Nov 2021 Download
Canteen: Price List 01st Sep 2021 Download
Special Dietary and Allergy Information 05th Dec 2018 Download