Reporting your child absent

Please text 01993 402039 to report your child absent. Please note that texts can only be received from mobile telephone numbers held on the school’s management information system.  If you have changed your mobile number, please advise the school of this in writing as soon as possible.


  • If your child is ill, please text 01993 402039 by 8am on the day of absence, giving name, tutor group and reason for absence. You are asked to do this on every day that your child is absent. Medical evidence may be requested on the third day of absence.

  • If you know in advance that your child will be absent, for example for a medical appointment (not for holiday) please text 01993 402039 with full name, tutor group, dates of absence and reason for absence.

If you prefer to email information about your child’s absence from school, please do so via and this will be received directly by our School Comms communication system.


"First Contact" is operated for all students in Years 7 to 11. If we do not receive a text and your child does not arrive in school, we will text you to let you know.  It is therefore vital that we have accurate contact numbers. First Contact enables us to quickly determine that a student who is absent is genuinely ill and safely at home.  In the past, we could not be sure of this until an absence note was supplied on the student’s return. It is also true that some students will consciously stay away from school without a medical reason.  We need to know when this is happening because a pattern of truancy is easily established and often hard to break, now and in later life.


If you do not have access to a mobile phone or the internet, please telephone school reception on 01993 703955 (but please bear in mind that the phone line is busy at the start of the day and there may be a delay in being connected to reception).  You are asked to contact the school every morning after that unless you have informed us in writing in advance. 


Late arrival to school

If your child arrives after the end of tutor time, they must go straight to reception to sign in before going to their lesson. Arriving late after tutor time will impact your child’s attendance record.