The Learner Engagement Team


Two teams support our School Leader for Learner Engagement and the team of four House Leaders, Miss Westwood, Miss Cook, Miss Hardie and Mr Evans and their own teams of tutors and co-tutors.  The vertical House system has enabled us to reduce the number in a tutor group from 28-30 to approximately 22. Some tutor groups have two tutors.

The Student Support Team

This team comprises three senior members of support staff: our Student Support Workers.  


Ann Auton

Kerrie Bradley

Amy Griffiths

Vanessa Hughes


Some of the work that this team undertakes includes:

  • Promoting a culture where students show ready, respectful and safe behaviour and attitudes
  • Supporting students experiencing more than three significant risk factors
  • Enabling teachers to focus on teaching and learning
  • Leading and coordinating behaviour support and pastoral support for designated students
  • Actively promoting and contributing to the school ethos and values
  • Providing daily support to teaching and support staff to ensure highest standards of student behaviour and achievement
  • Facilitating restorative and reparation conversations 
  • Recognising over and above behaviours by giving praise, post cards and making positive phone calls home.


The Family Support Team

This team is made up of three senior support staff: our Family Support Workers.  


Sarah Ebanja Tracy Higgs Ciaran Doyle
Early Help Attendance and Engagement Alternative Provision


Some of the work that this team undertakes includes:

  • Addressing behaviour and attendance concerns by providing strong social and emotional support including working with families.  
  • Undertaking issues relating to attendance/safeguarding. 
  • Supporting our most vulnerable students to access education by ensuring that their needs are identified and met.
  • Being the named contact for external agencies and families.
  • Working closely with LCSS (the Locality and Community Support Service).
  • Sourcing and coordinating multi-agency interventions to support vulnerable children, young people and their families.
  • Undertaking statutory tasks related to attendance issues.
  • Carrying out Early Help Assessments to ensure preventative support is put in place.
  • Attending multi – agency meetings e.g. Team Around the Family (TAFs) and Child Protection (CP).
  • Leading on safeguarding.
  • Supporting individual students through mentoring/being key workers.
  • Facilitating restorative and reparation meetings.
  • Being involved in readmission and panel meetings.


The Inclusion Team 

The Inclusion Team is led by Mr Simon Hemsworth.  This team includes a number of specialist staff including Learning Support Assistantsand  a School Health Coordinator. We also have a Health Nurse, supplied by the NHS, who works with families and young people to improve the health and wellbeing of students.


Our Safeguarding Team is led by Mrs Goddard, our Deputy Headteacher, and she leads a team of 14 Designated Safeguarding Leads.

The nature of the support that these teams provide for our students and families means that there may be some crossover.