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On this page you will find information about the Career Development company (Talentino) who support students at The Henry Box School during their early career development. You will also be able to find links to available Apprenticeships, companies who offer work experience, open events, career specific events and much more.

Careers' Lead: Mrs Dickson


Phone: 01993 703955


Career development and Coaching

An introduction from Talentino!™

Talentino!™ is an award winning Career Development organisation working across England, created by senior people from business. Our sole passion is to ensure that young people have a dynamic early career development experience resulting in them making smart career decisions that will make them happy. We involve all stakeholders – young people, parents/carers, school staff and employers in the critical process of early career development. With backgrounds in international HR, corporate Learning and Development, qualified teachers as well as Careers professionals we make up a powerful team who together are totally committed to supporting the students at The Henry Box School.


Talentino!™Career Development Coaching Programme

Talentino!™ has created a unique face to face early Career Development coaching programme for the whole school that starts in Year 7 and provides a continuous coaching process to help students navigate through the critical career decisions they have to think about from a very early age. These career decisions should link together to enable a young person to think strategically about their career goal and be able to ensure the right choices are made so that goals can be achieved. Students will be encouraged to ‘write their own careers story’ by:

  • Understanding what early career development looks like and being encouraged to engage in it
  • Identifying their core passions and how they link to different potential career characteristics
  • Exploring the widest range of possible career options at every stage
  • Making smart career decisions that are linked to their core passions
  • Learning how to compete for the career of their choosing
  • Developing skills and abilities employers are looking for
  • Generating relevant career experiences eg internships, work experience, shadowing, networking with professionals using Social Media tools like LinkedIn

Young people today face the best career possibilities globally but the fiercest competition so getting in front early is critical.

For more details about the Career Development Programme please click here.


Why use terms like Career Development and Coaching?

The language we use is different for a reason. Career Development over Careers Advice implies an ongoing development process in exactly the same way as a professional at work would think about their career development. Career Coach over Careers advisor whose role is to improve the ‘career performance’ of a young person in the same way as a sports coach would. The focus of the programme is to empower young people to take ownership of their career goals and plans but with huge support and encouragement from all stakeholders – staff, employers and parents/carers.


Face to Face Support

Research carried out with 200 12-16 year olds showed that 95% wanted face-to-face support that extends further than the traditional interview with Year 11s but this is rarely available to every student. Despite being techno savvy and using technology extensively in their daily lives, only 43% wanted to use online tools and then as back-up. The Talentino!™ Career Development Coaching Programme enables schools to create a team of Early Career Coaches who become formally qualified Foundation Practitioner Coaches through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Henry Box has a permanent Career Coach on site three days a week. We also recruit volunteers from staff, parents/carers, employers and Governors to become part of this team to support students at The Henry Box School. This increases the number of potential Career Coaches so that all students can be supported in a way that they want. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact Careers via email:


Introducing the Career Pod

Talentino!™ has a ‘Career Pod’ with a contemporary look and feel that students can find on the first floor of the offices at the front of the school, opposite meeting room 44. The resident Career Coach, Amanda Dickson works at The Henry Box School for three days a week, alongside the volunteer Career Coaches. New resources that are totally up to date are available to explore the widest range of options at every decision making stage.

A smaller selection of careers literature is available in the Library and Sixth Form.

The school website and Facebook page regularly update students and parents/carers of both national and local training, education and employment opportunities.

There are links to Employment and Training opportunities on the school CEIAG website page.


Appointments and Career Coaching Groups

The school will continue to offer 1-1 appointments. In addition, those students who need additional support a more intensive programme is offered. However, we would like to encourage students to form Career Coaching groups of up to 8 students who could come together for a career coaching session. There will also be some open sessions where individual students can come at lunch time for an ad hoc session with a Career Coach.

There is a formally timetabled programme of events for each year group to ensure the students can make career decisions in an informed and timely way. The programme includes tutorial time, PSHE sessions and career coaching with a qualified Talentino!™ Early Years Careers Coach. 


Careers Events

In Term 3 we hold a whole school Personal Development Day with a focus on Career Exploration.  This provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of both national and local career opportunities.  The event is followed by a Parents’ Forum providing parents/carers with information around the students career journey and how they can support with key decision points.  Due to the pandemic restrictions, this, unfortunately, can not take place at the moment.  We are however planning many other events including Careers Detectives, Mock Interviews and Mentoring.  Assemblies and Personal Development sessions still see visitors (virtually) informing students of Post 16 and 18 choices, as well a giving students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers. 

A virtual Careers Fair will also take place on the 24th March.  


The events allow students and parents/carers the opportunity to meet with representatives from colleges, training providers and employers, and to discuss and investigate their Post 16 and Post 18 pathways.


Quality and Trust

All Talentino!™ Career Coaches will have had current criminal records checks (DBS) and the school holds records of these. Talentino!™ holds the Matrix Quality award for Careers organisations, the Career Development Institute Careers Assured award, is a member of Careers England, can provide certified CPD for staff who train as Early Career Coaches, has won places on four Social Enterprise programmes, has authored two Careers books and works closely with Government policy groups in regard to CEIAG.


Measuring the Impact of the Careers Programme

The Careers programme is evaluated at regular intervals through student, teacher, parent and employer evaluations.  Feedback is provided within the bi-termly reports to the Strategic Leadership Team.

The careers programme is assessed using the Compass Careers Benchmark Tool and monitored by the Careers and Enterprise Company.

An independent impact review will take place annually every March.


Get Involved, ask questions

We want to get to know you so if you are a pupil, parent/carer, member of staff, employer, College, University and have a question please contact Careers


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