COVID-19 National Testing Programme

From Monday 15th March 2021 we will move to home testing for students. Students will receive their home testing kits at school on the day they go for the third test. There will be a step-by-step guide that will accompany the kit on how to conduct the test and how to record the results. You must report your results to the NHS as well as the school. The NHS reporting instructions are in the guide. To report the result to the school please follow the link below and complete the Microsoft Form: COVID-19 Home test Results - Students.

COVID-19 Home test Results - Students

Mass rapid asymptomatic testing is aimed at reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19. The testing aims to help identify cases and help maximise attendance when students return to face-to-face lessons while minimising community transmission with school settings.

Commonly used terms and definitions:

LFD test kit: Lateral Flow Device

Lateral flow antigen testing involves processing a throat and nasal swab sample with an extraction fluid and a lateral flow device (LFD).

The LFD detects a COVID-19 antigen that is produced when a person is infectious with COVID-19. If this antigen is present, then a coloured strip will appear which indicates a positive result.

Results take up to 30 minutes to process. An automated notification of the test result will be sent to the mobile number and the email address supplied on the consent form and/or at registration.

PCR test: Polymerise Chain Reaction

When home testing commences, if any individual presents with a positive LFD result, they should commence self-isolation and contact NHS to arrange a confirmatory PCR test. Further instructions will follow on the result of the PCR test.


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