First Aid, Medical Needs and School Health Nurse

First Aid

First aid is carried out by school staff who are first aid trained.

All students needing first aid or medical treatment during lesson time will need permission from their teacher/tutor before they can leave the lesson to go to reception.


Students who are unwell during the school day

  • Students displaying minor or mild symptoms will be given a short period of time in which to recover. Their status will be regularly monitored during this time. In the case of minor or mild symptoms, and after the period of recuperation has expired, a judgement will be made as to whether students return to class or parents/carers need to collect them.

  • Medical complaints will be recorded and minor injuries that require hospital attention will be reported by staff and paperwork completed.

  • Any moderate/serious injuries will also be reported and recorded and if necessary Health and Safety procedures followed.

  • No medication will be administered under any of the above circumstances. Medication can only be administered once appropratiate documentation has been completed. 

Accident/injury sustained whilst at school

In the event of a situation judged to be sufficiently serious the emergency services will be promptly called, as will the parents/carers or the nominated emergency contact(s).

If the student is incapacitated i.e. arm in sling/on crutches, parents and/or student are asked to contact the school office as a risk assessment will need to be undertaken upon return to school.



If there are any changes to your child's medical needs, please notify the school in writing without delay.

Due to a number of medical allegies within the school; students MUST NOT bring the following items into school:

Nuts/ products containing nuts

Aerosols (if needed, roll on deodorants are acceptable)

The school has a medical room which is situated close to the main school reception/office.  The room is used to keep first aid supplies, administer first aid and to hold medicines during the school day for those students with medical conditions. 

The medical room is not staffed continually and therefore access is gained through a member of staff in the school reception.


Procedure for informing school of injury sustained out of school hours

Should your child injure him/herself out of school hours, please inform the school office upon return to school for a risk assessment to be put in place for your child.


Procedure for informing the school of post surgery or critical illness care

If your child has been critically unwell or has undergone surgery, please notify us via the school office for a risk assessment and so that we are well informed to enable us to provide the best care for your child.


Any other medical/first aid enquiries

Please do not hesitate to liaise with the school via the school office if you have any concerns related to medical or first aid queries.


School Health Nurse

Megan murdochMy name is Megan Murdoch and I am a registered nurse with a post graduate qualification in specialist community public health nursing. Secondary schools within Oxfordshire have a named NHS School Health Nurse who are based within schools and managed by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

School health nurses aim to offer evidence based preventative health care for young people in accordance with Public Health England and the ‘healthy child programme.’ I work closely with school staff and professionals to help provide early interventions, and support students with their physical and emotional health needs so that young people are able to reach their full potential.

School health nurses provide public health interventions which may include:

  • Someone to talk to confidentially to address issues regarding emotional, physical, sexual and social health and well-being
  • Immunisations
  • Keeping safe eg: smoking cessation/ drug and alcohol advice/ healthy weight management
  • Group work or assisting teachers with PSHE
  • Health promotion activities
  • Referring to specialised services when necessary
  • Healthy relationships/ Sexual health/ providing contraception/ sexual health screening and pregnancy tests
  • Safeguarding

Students can refer themselves by dropping in at a brunch or lunch. I am also happy to be contacted via phone, text or email. Alternatively, teachers or parents and carers can refer. My weekly whereabouts is displayed on my office door. My contact details are 07775 112 101 or you can ask for me on 01993 703955. My email address is My current working days are Monday to Thursday term time.



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