Behaviour and Attitudes - Ready Respectful Safe

Our approach is research informed.  For example, The EEF Report, 2019 found that a proactive approach to behaviour management is by far more successful than a reactive one.

We believe all adults must be fully engaged in managing and modifying behaviour. As a result, everybody is trained to a high standard so around the site, nobody ‘walks past’.

Humiliation plays no part in our approach. Learners are respected, regardless of their behaviour. Therefore, adult behaviour will never be compromised by learner behaviour. Adults remove all negative emotion/response when dealing with challenging behaviour.

Recognition replaces reward.  Recognition systems are not individual but collective because learners are interdependent.

Our approach is shaped around the 95% of learners who arrive every day keen to learn and eager to please: the silent majority.

We don’t believe the 5% of the most troubled learners are ‘behaviour problems’; they need a different approach: one that is not based on a set of increasingly large sanctions.  There is no ‘them and us’ culture. Alongside many other strategies, universal micro scripts are used to intervene with unacceptable behaviour.

 There are no detentions, segregation/isolation rooms, physical restraints or punitive punishments. Adults and learners have structured restorative conversations.

Our focus is on tracking and increasing learning hours for all learners  with data used to drive change.  As a result, everyone can see the impact that their efforts are making.


Behaviour Reboot and System Update - March 2022 

At The Henry Box School, we strive to create a learning environment that allows your children to flourish. We aim to provide an irresistible curriculum that fosters a love of learning and prepares every child for the next stage of their life. As such, we are always reviewing our approaches and systems to ensure we continue to support all members of the school community. 

We have made some changes to the ways we will support students to follow our three rules: to be Ready, Respectful and Safe. Our intention, as outlined above, is to continue to provide an environment where every child experiences their right to learn, every lesson, every day. The very great majority of students at The Henry Box School commit themselves to being the best they can be every day and, you will know, are recognised through postcards, phone calls home and Satchel: One badges. 

A minority of students, though, need to be taught, more explicitly, about how to be ready, respectful and safe. 


March 2022 Update 

Our overarching approach remains to be warm, but strict. Where students do not respond to this approach, the following system will now be implemented, both in lessons and in unstructured times (Brunch, Lunch, and before and after school when students are representing our school): 

Step 1: Reminder 

Reminder of the expectations: Ready, Respectful, Safe, delivered at the lesson start to the entire class. 

Step 2: Warning 

A clear verbal warning delivered privately wherever possible: if behaviour does not improve, the next stage will be removal. 

Step 3: Faculty Removal 

The student will go to the faculty removal channel for the remainder of the lesson. The student will now need to attend an after-school restorative meeting session in the Main Hall. The child’s Parent/Carer will receive a text or notification advising them of the date of their child’s after-school restorative meeting. 

Step 4: Removal from Faculty 

On the rare occasion that a student refuses to comply with a faculty removal, parents/carers will be contacted to collect their child. This will constitute a suspension from school. 


After-School Restorative Meetings 

To ensure that all students are ready to return to their classroom following a lesson removal, we will now be asking students to attend compulsory after-school restorative meetings with their teacher. These will take place for approximately 15 minutes on either a Wednesday or a Friday. If a student is required to attend, they will be notified whilst they are being removed from their lesson and parents/carers will be notified by text message. 

Students will report to the Main Hall (this room may change during times of exams) where they will be supervised by School Leaders. Students will wait in silence to be collected by the member of staff whose lesson they disrupted. The member of staff will talk with the student, supported by a School Leader if necessary, to ensure the student understands the importance of their choices. In order to ensure a positive learning environment in all classrooms, we require parents/carers’ full support in getting their children to attend these important meetings. 

If a student has been asked to attend an after-school restorative meeting and chooses not to attend, the following will happen: 

  1. The Student Support Team will notify parents/carers that their child has not attended. Parents/carers will need to contact their child immediately and encourage them to attend their meeting for the required time. 
  2. If a student does not attend their restorative meeting for the required time, or if their restorative meeting is unsuccessful, parents/carers will need to attend a meeting with their child and their House Leader, or another School Leader, before the student is allowed back into school. 



We will now be ensuring that the students who are most frequently late to their lessons, formally make up for this lost time once per week during their unstructured time at school. Should a child not arrive at this session (scheduled for Friday brunchtime in the first instance), we will be asking parents/carers to send their child back in after school to catch up on this time, which has been put in place to protect our formal learning time (lessons). 

If a student fails to attend this again, we will be asking parents/carers to come in for a meeting to address the lack of compliance with further attendance interventions (e.g. a Parent/Carer attendance contract being applied if necessary). 

Again, we know that the vast majority of our students will never experience these sanctions but will benefit from an environment that unapologetically prioritises their right to learn. 


Satchel: One 

We will continue to use Satchel: One to record positive recognition and incidents, as well as attendance. We would encourage all parents/carers who are not currently registered for Satchel: One to sign up please.  

How to sign up, reset your login details for your parent account or assist your child to log in: 


Behaviour Blueprint

The Henry Box School aims for all of its students to be well-motivated and self-aware learners, who can conduct themselves appropriately in a range of situations.  We also aim to create an ethos and an environment in which students feel safe and in which they can learn to interact respectfully, sensibly and maturely with others.  We want our students to develop into responsible citizens, playing an active part in the school, local and wider communities.  We want students to behave appropriately because it is the right thing to do.  Underpinning this, we expect all staff to be positive role models.  We believe that all members of the school community deserve to be treated with dignity.

Please see the Behaviour Blueprint below for further information.


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