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Our approach is research informed.  For example, The EEF Report, 2019 found that a proactive approach to behaviour management is by far more successful than a reactive one.

We believe all adults must be fully engaged in managing and modifying behaviour. As a result, everybody is trained to a high standard so around the site, nobody ‘walks past’.

Humiliation plays no part in our approach. Learners are respected, regardless of their behaviour. Therefore, adult behaviour will never be compromised by learner behaviour. Adults remove all negative emotion/response when dealing with challenging behaviour.

Recognition replaces reward.  Recognition systems are not individual but collective because learners are interdependent.

Our approach is shaped around the 95% of learners who arrive every day keen to learn and eager to please: the silent majority.

We don’t believe the 5% of the most troubled learners are ‘behaviour problems’; they need a different approach: one that is not based on a set of increasingly large sanctions.  There is no ‘them and us’ culture. Alongside many other strategies, universal micro scripts are used to intervene with unacceptable behaviour.

 There are no detentions, segregation/isolation rooms, physical restraints or punitive punishments. Adults and learners have structured restorative conversations.

Our focus is on tracking and increasing learning hours for all learners  with data used to drive change.  As a result, everyone can see the impact that their efforts are making.



Behaviour Blueprint

The Henry Box School aims for all of its students to be well-motivated and self-aware learners, who can conduct themselves appropriately in a range of situations.  We also aim to create an ethos and an environment in which students feel safe and in which they can learn to interact respectfully, sensibly and maturely with others.  We want our students to develop into responsible citizens, playing an active part in the school, local and wider communities.  We want students to behave appropriately because it is the right thing to do.  Underpinning this, we expect all staff to be positive role models.  We believe that all members of the school community deserve to be treated with dignity.

Please see the Behaviour Blueprint below for further information.


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