A member of the Talentino team will be available to support anyone who would like to discuss their exam results and next steps. The team can be found in the Sixth form block and the Career Pod. 


Feel overwhelmed approaching exams?

YEAR 11 REVISION DAY at Oxford Brookes University

Monday 15th April  from 9.30-3.00pm at Oxford Brookes University

The majority of students around the country feel overwhelmed approaching exams, particularly as the new GCSEs are asking more of them than ever before. (Elevate) will be delivery two seminars called Ace Your Exams and Memory Mnemonics which go hand in hand to prepare students for the exam room. 

The Memory Mnemonics seminar covers - Morning

Attention skills: Attention is the first step to memory, and a step most students struggle with. Students are introduced to a range of simple to use skills that will increase attention levels, beat social media and help avoid distractions.   
Semantic learning: Students are introduced to a range of semantic learning techniques proven to increase the amount of information memorised by students. Techniques include mnemonics, associative learning techniques and live association. 
Recall: Students are introduced to a range of techniques that will increase the amount of information recalled in the exam room, including the English quotes, Mathematics formulae and Science content I mentioned earlier.  

The Ace Your Exams seminar covers - Afternoon

The 7 steps of exam preparation: Students are introduced to a 7-step process to ensure that every student is prepared and ready for exam day. 
The 3 secrets to exam room success: Students are introduced to the 3 key secrets used by the country’s top students in the exam room. 
Stress management: Every student knows that the key to doing well in exams is staying calm. Few students know how to actually do this. We share with them 3 stress management techniques to keep calm and beat exam anxiety.  

Please follow this link to the booking form for your student to fill out if they wish to attend.