The Oxfordshire County Council awards the transport contracts for the school. The timetables can be accessed using the document below. 


If families would like to find out if their child is eligible for free transport from their address, they will need to contact the School Transport Eligibility Team (


Oxfordshire County Council's transport department have advised that Pulhams Coaches are running route 3-HB01. 

Contact details for Pulhams Coaches are:

Timetables and provider details can be found on Oxfordshire County Council’s website:


Queries to the County Council can be directed to:

Complaints about the bus service should be directed to the County Council via email to


Bus Passes

All students using route 3-HB01 will be issued a bus pass from Oxfordshire County council and must carry and show the driver their pass each time they get on the school bus. The drivers have the right to refuse to allow students to travel if they cannot show their bus pass.


Oxfordshire County Council can reissue replacement passes on receipt of a £10 cheque or postal order.  Parents need to contact Oxfordshire County Council with their child's name, date of birth and school when sending the payment.  


Please send this to:

Oxfordshire County Council Supported Transport Services

PO Box 867




OCC Spare Seat Scheme

For pupils who don’t qualify for free school transport, OCC offer a paid transport place called spare seats scheme transport. Travel can only be awarded where there are spare seats on school buses operating for students who qualify for statutory transport. The cost of this place varies depending on the distance travelled.

Further information can be foudn here: or email: to make further queries.

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