Further Contact Details and FAQs

School Administration Team

The following staff are members of the School Administration Team. Telephone and email messages could be handled by any one of these team members. All these staff members are first aid trained and can be called upon to administer first aid for students.

  • Mrs Melissa Hobbs
  • Miss Lily Bancroft
  • Mrs Mandy Clyne
  • Ms Claire Colman
  • Mrs Carol McRobbie
  • Mrs Shannon Pendrey
  • Mrs Caterina Varriale



Reception is open during term time at the following times:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Wednesday
8:00am to 4:00pm 8:00am to 3:00pm



01993 703955

The Main Reception phone line is manned 8:00am until 4:00pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

When you dial the main school number you will be greeted by a recorded message, which gives you a number of options for various departments and members of staff.  Please note that the switchboard is closed during the school holidays.  Any messages that you leave on voice mail will be passed onto the relevant person when the school re-opens.


General: office.4050@henrybox.oxon.sch.uk

Headteacher: head.4050@henrybox.oxon.sch.uk

Clerk to the Local Committee: clerk@henrybox.oxon.sch.uk


Contact details for SENDCo and Chair of the Local Committee

SENDCo: Mr Simon Hemsworth (tel. 01993 703955 / email office.4050@henrybox.oxon.sch.uk)

Chair of the Local Committee: Helen Marshall  (tel. 01993 703955 / email clerk@henrybox.oxon.sch.uk)


Request a hard copy of information from the website

There are three options to request hard copy information. Information will be supplied free of charge:

  1. Phone: please phone Reception on 01993 703955 and request what information you would like to receive in hard copy.
  2. Email: please email the office  with your request stating what information you would like and where you would like the information posted to.
  3. Post: Put your request in writing and post or hand deliver to Reception. Please state what information you require and where you would like to information sent to.


Report an Absence

Please visit the Reporting your child absent page under Contact Us.


Who should I contact?

Who should I contact if... Who to contact
  • I need to get an urgent message to my child
  • My child has left something - I need to bring it in
Ring Reception: 01993 703955
My child is having problems in a subject? Contact tutor or subject teacher
  • I want to discuss my child's progress review?
  • My child has friendship problems or feels bullied?
Contact tutor
I need to take my child out of school for part of a day for a dental or other appointment? Note to tutor or contact Attendance Officer
I would like to request compassionate leave for my child (eg funeral) Complete absence form. Any questions, speak to the Attendance Officer. 
I would like to request absence in term time for my child due to exceptional circumstances Complete absence form. Any questions, speak to the Attendance Officer.
I need to amend some information on my child’s file, eg change of address Note to tutor or contact Data Manager.
I need to check some information about an event e.g. Parents' Evening? Check the website or telephone Reception 01993 703955.
I want to discuss my child's Special Educational Needs? Contact our Inclusion Faculty
I want to buy uniform? Check website for details of school uniform supplier. 
My child has lost a personal item or had it stolen  Unfortunately, the school takes no responsibility for the loss or theft of any personal belongings brought into school by either students or staff.  The school discourages students from bringing personal belongings, especially expensive items, into school.

How should I get in touch?

If a note to your child's tutor is not sufficient, in the first instance contact Reception and leave a message for the person you would like to speak to, ideally with a brief summary of what you'd like to discuss, contact details (including email) and times over the next few days when you are likely to be available.


Useful contacts for House Leaders


Miss A Cook


Miss A Westwood


Miss C Hardie


Mr C Evans

The MILL Academy Trust

Chief Executive Officer: Ms W J Hemmingsley

Registered office: The MILL Academy, Church Green, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 4AX

Telephone: 01993 848150

Email: info@millacademy.co.uk