Our Vision

Our Vision

Transforming lives through inspirational education.

Our Aims

  • To secure equity
  • To ensure that our leadership is driving improvement
  • To ensure that our curriculum is irresistible
  • To be research informed
  • To manage resources effectively



We are:

Proud • Resilient • Equal • Positive • Ambitious • Respectful


Our Approach

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Seeing leadership as a moral activity
  • Creating a culture of aspiration and hope
  • Moving from improving to transforming
  • Leading change and innovation
  • Building a moral consensus focused on securing equity
  • Working with authenticity and integrity
  • Embedding the principles of effective learning
  • Focusing on teaching to close the gap
  • Enabling progress in learning and so achievement for all
  • Moving from autonomy to collaborative learning – bonding to bridging
  • Focusing on intervention to prevent failure
  • Moving from dependency to interdependency
  • Building a culture of trust and empowerment
  • Securing leadership capacity and sustainability
  • Leading through trust and empathy
  • Encouraging a commitment to care and passion
  • Developing emotional literacy
  • Fostering strategies for personal growth
  • Developing personal well being
  • Advocating resilience and sustainability