Summer work

Summer Work Year 12

In order to prepare you for the upcoming academic year, we feel it is important that you continue to study effectively for all of your courses. 

This booklet will provide you with the following:

  • A list of tasks/content that you should have completed during the time you have been working remotely. This must be completed before you return in September. Failure to complete these tasks and be up to date with work will result in use of the stage system/a review of your place in sixth form. 
  • Optional learning which you can choose to do if you want to over the summer. This is particularly useful if you are hoping to take one of your subjects at University. Don't forget that you can also use the MOOC function on unifrog for extra courses

Year 12 Summer Work



Summer Work for Year 11

Each subject offered at The Henry Box Sixth Form has provided summer preparation materials for Year 11 students. Please follow the guidelines and use the summer to get yourself ready for that first week in September! Please make sure that you bring all summer work to your first lesson in September. Students will not be able to start a subject in September if they have not completed this preparatory work in advance. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to explore your subjects in greater depth.

For students who are unsure about which subjects to take, this is a great opportunity to work through different subject options in order to make the right decisions for your specific talents.

If you are potentially studying a subject at Wood Green School please visit their website to access summer work. Students who will be studying a course at Abingdon & Witney College will receive further details over the coming weeks.