As we want everyone associated with The Henry Box School to be proud of its achievements, we believe that a visual sense of belonging to a community is important, and, to this end, we require that school uniform is worn by our students in Years 7-11. Parental support is vital in this and we hope that the uniform is both practical and reasonable. By choosing The Henry Box School, it is assumed that both parents and students are accepting our insistence on the wearing of school uniform.


It is important that all items of uniform are named. When named items of uniform are handed into Lost Property students will be notified to collect them from Reception.


Uniform for Years 7 - 11 can be ordered through Stevensons. This can be done online, by phone or in store.  Please visit Stevensons webpage to view and order uniform. Please see Stevensons update about  shop opening hours in 2021 in the documents below.

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Click here to order uniform

Any items that are purchased from an alternative provider must be identical in appearance. 


Thank you to Charles Clinkard in Witney who kindly donated approved school shoes for our mannequins in the Reception area of school.

Additional Items and Other Uniform Rules

Skirts Skirts can be worn by all students; they must be knee length and black. From September 2022, skirts must be pleated. Students in years 8 and above who have knee length straight skirts may continue to wear these until a new skirt needs to be purchased. From September 2023, all skirts must be pleated. Stevensons will be only selling box pleat skirts, but the school will accept any type of pleated skirt. Skirts can be purchased from local high street shops or supermarkets. Stretch material skirts are NOT permitted.
Coats, Jackets and Hoodies The school would prefer students to wear weatherproof coats/jackets. Hoodies or jumpers are not permitted. Students found wearing either will have them confiscated until the end of the day.  
Scarves and hats

These may be worn in poor weather conditions outdoors. 
Baseball caps are not permitted.

Drama socks Students are asked to bring in anti-slip socks for their Drama lessons. If they do not bring them in then they will be required to borrow some.

These may be worn during sporting activities. They should not be worn around school or on the way to or from school.


Students may wear a wristwatch, but if seen to be a significant disruption to learning they will be confiscated until the end of the day.

Students may wear a flat ring and a small crucifix or similar, one small ear stud per ear is allowed but studs or rings in other parts of the body are not permitted. It is not acceptable to have items of jewellery covered by a plaster. All piercings need to be removed during sports and other activities if requested by a member of staff.
Hair dye/style  Only hair dyed a natural colour is permitted. The school reserves the right not to accept a hairstyle.
Make-up Make-up is not allowed in KS3.
Discreet makeup accepted in KS4.
False eyelashes are not permitted.
Nails Nail extensions, gels, acrylics and coloured nail varnish are not allowed.


Nearly new, second-hand uniform sales and donations

We, as a school and part of the community, are extremely proud of everything we are doing to reduce, reuse, recycle and therefore are attempting more and more to organise second-hand uniform for sale. The sale of second-hand items is managed by our dedicated HBSA (Henry Box School Association) team.

Uniformd - online platform to purchase second-hand uniform

Uniformd is a platform where families can purchase donated second-hand uniform at a fraction of the price. All funds from second-hand sales go directly back to HBSA for school use.

Click here to visit the website to see what items are available. Once you have purchased uniform someone from HBSA will be in contact about collection.


If you have any uniform you wish to donate to the school for second-hand sales, this can be left with Reception and will be greatly appreciated. We accept outgrown good quality uniform that is laundered. We reserve the right to refuse any item of clothing that is not of suitable condition. Such items will be recycled or donated to charity.

Lost property

Below is a summary of how lost property is dealt with at The Henry Box School.  When students lose property, they should visit and look in the classroom or area where they believe the property was left.  If they do not find their property they should then go to Reception.   

Lost property that is handed in and is not labelled will be held until the end of each respective term.  At the end of each term ALL unclaimed lost property will be donated, disposed of or passed to Second-hand uniform Sales.   

Please ensure your child’s uniform, pencil case and other valuable items are clearly labelled.

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