Adverse Weather Closure

The decision to shut the school is a serious one and the need is usually related to poor weather conditions.  In such a situation the decision is based upon answers to the following questions:

  • Is the school site safe for:
    • Motor vehicles
    • Pedestrians
  • Will the buses be able to run through the villages?
  • Can sufficient staff safely get to school for the school to be able to open?
  • What advice have we been given by:
    • OCC
    • National weather organisations

As soon as the Headteacher makes the decision to close the school the information is placed on the homepage of the school website.  It is also:

  • posted on the school’s social media sites – Facebook and Twitter
  • sent to OCC – who will put the information on their website
  • sent to local Broadcasters – who will broadcast the closure at regular intervals on local radio stations.
  • sent to the Oxford Mail who will list it on the online version of the paper.

The school reception may not be staffed under these circumstances.

Please ensure your child regularly checks SatchelOne, as teachers will upload work for students to complete during snow days.