Knowledge Organisers

For KS4 Knowledge Organisers please see the individual subject information pages.

Subject Information (KS4 Knowledge Organisers)

At The Henry Box School, we are aiming to create a five year curriculum plan that builds effective revision strategies into homework and lessons. This is based on evidence, so we know that if our students do it well, it will work. Retrieval practice using the look-cover- write-check technique, when done in regular small chunks, is one of the best ways students can learn relevant knowledge over time.

At the start of every new topic or term, our students will be given a knowledge organiser for every subject. These will show the exact facts, dates, events, characters, concepts and precise definitions that we need them to remember for that topic. Securing this knowledge base will allow students to develop their skills of understanding, analysis and evaluation in lessons more effectively. 

They will be given an electronic A4 Knowledge Organiser (KO) booklet for each term containing all of their KOs, and ‘look-cover-write-check’ (LCWC) exercise books from each faculty.

Look cover write check

They will carry out LCWC from their knowledge organisers for homework, as guided by their teachers. They will also be able to practice in one tutor time each week.

For this, they will use their LCWC exercise books that they will take between school and home.

To do this, they will cover up part of their knowledge organiser, write it out from memory (in a black or blue pen), then self-check and correct any spelling mistakes, missing bits or mistakes (in a purple pen). They will be tested on this in lessons. This way, they will learn the most valuable knowledge in every subject by heart and free up space in their brain to develop their skills.

Parents can be a huge support for their son/daughter too with this homework method.