PE/Games kit

PE/Games Kit

All students are given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of physical activities. In the interests of safety, students need to be dressed appropriately for these activities whilst still retaining an identity with the school and also being neat and tidy in appearance. The PE kit allows our students some choice in what they can wear for lessons whilst at the same time retaining uniformity but, more importantly, they can be suitably dressed for specific activities indoors and outside, whatever the conditions.

Compulsory items:

Red polo shirt with HBS crest* A fitted option is also available*.
Shorts Navy.
Skort Navy. Students may prefer to opt for a skort instead of shorts.
Navy/Red reversible multi sports top*  
Navy/Red knee length socks*  
Ankle socks White.
Shin pads  
Gum shield  
Games bag  

Please choose either Option 1 or Option 2

Option 1: Football boots and normal trainers

Option 2: Rubber multiple studded trainers (astro turf style)


Optional items:

Rugby Shorts Navy.
Midlayer microfleece


We thoroughly recommend purchasing this garment, as it is an excellent extra layer for cold conditions. 

Track pants/joggers Navy/black
Performance leggings

Navy. Only quality sporting leggings are permitted. Tights or fashion leggings are not permitted. If items are branded, the logo must be small and discreet. If students opt to wear leggings they are required to wear shorts or a skort over the top. 

Performance leggings should not be purchased as a substitute for either school shorts or skort. 

Students who need to wear spectacles for PE/Games are asked to consider obtaining toughened lens glass for safety.


Page Downloads Date  
Guidelines and rules for wearing performance/compression leggings 16th Jul 2020 Download
PE uniform poster 17th Jul 2020 Download