Computing and Computer Science

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Computer Science lessons teach students to be safe, confident, curious users of technology. Students learn how computers work and how these magnificent machines can be used to solve problems in the world around us. Computers touch every aspect of our students’ lives and we want to prepare them with the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in the future that awaits them.


Key Stage 3 Computing

Key Stage 3 aims to introduce students to the technologies that will influence the rest of their lives. We have a strong focus on e-safety, talking openly about the threats that technology poses to our students and how they can counter them. Students learn by applying the theory they are taught in engaging, practical activities from audio and video editing to game development and building computers.


GCSE Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science students cover the OCR GCSE specification which builds on the strong foundations developed at Key Stage 3. Students code more advanced algorithms and explore more advanced topics including security and artificial intelligence. The knowledge and skills they learn prepare them for a range of jobs in the technology sector as well as many college and Sixth Form courses.


A-Level Computer Science

A-Level Computer Science students cover the OCR A-Level specification which complements the skills and knowledge they acquired at GCSE. Students have the opportunity to code complex, challenging projects that can be used to impress at job interviews or university admissions. As a result students taking A-Level Computer Science usually plan to study a related subject at university or take their skills straight to the workplace.

Subject Documents Date  
Computer Science Specification GCSE - OCR 01st Jan 2023 Download