Business Studies and Economics

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Economics and business play a substantial role in shaping the way we live. We aim therefore not only to develop students’ understanding of what it means to set up and operate a business but to empower them to think about current business and economic issues such as the impact on the environment, inequality and the role of central government.


Key Stage 3

Business Studies and Economics are currently not offered in KS3.


Key Stage 4

Students in Year 10 and 11 follow the Edexcel Business Studies Course. The units studied are 'Investigating a Small Business' and 'Building a Business'. There are two exam papers which consist of calculations, multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions. Students will be taught how to evaluate information and to structure clear and concise answers. This is a popular subject at GCSE as it paves the way to A Level and BTEC qualifications as well as potential career opportunities in marketing, retail, law, accountancy and psychology.


Key Stage 5

We offer a wider range of qualifications to Years 12 and 13.

  • In the Edexcel Business Studies A-Level course students learn about the functionality of business by way of four themes - Marketing and People, Managing Business Activities, Business Strategy and Global Business. There are three exam papers at the end of Year 13, one of which is an investigation over several months of a business in a competitive market.
  • The BTEC National Diploma in Business is an alternative qualification, which is the equivalent of two A-Levels. This qualification can be used to progress to Higher Apprenticeships. There is one external exam and two internal assessments. Students will study eight modules including the Principles of Management, Personal and Business Finance and Visual Merchandising. Students are expected to be highly organised and to manage their own portfolios.
  • In the Edexcel Economics A-Level, students analyse the national and international economies in which businesses exist by way of four themes – Markets and Market Failure, Policies and Performance of the UK economy, Business Behaviour and the Global Perspective. There are 3 exam papers at the end of Year 13 which consist of multiple choice, short answer and extended answer questions.


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