Curriculum Overview

The Henry Box School Curriculum

Our Curriculum Principles

  1. The primary purpose of education is to develop the learning capacity of every individual.
  2. The curriculum is defined by the learner as his/her total learning experience: cognitive, social, spiritual, moral, artistic and academic.
  3. Reading is the cornerstone to increased life chances and therefore is a priority.
  4. A broad and balanced curriculum will provide our students with the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals.
  5. Mentoring and coaching are vital learning strategies.
  6. Education is vertically integrated with nursery, primary, secondary, further and higher education being provided by the community.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 and Year 8

English, Maths, Science, Art, Design and Technology, Information Technology, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Drama, Music, PE, French and German.   All subjects are taught in mixed ability groups except Maths. Maths is set by ability and the groupings are responsive to the needs of the students. 


Year 9

Subjects as per Year 8 with Physics, Biology and Chemistry taught as separate sciences in order to prepare for key Stage 4 study.   There is a programme of careers Information, advice and guidance built in to Key Stage 3 as well as a programme of ‘personal development’ which includes tutor times and full days.  This programme centres around personal, social and health education.


Key Stage 4 

There is a core programme of GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature, GCSE Maths, GCSE Double Science Award or Separate Science Awards (2 GCSEs or 3), Religious Studies and Personal Development, again including careers information, advice and guidance (CIAG).


The majority of students also choose four option subjects from (GCSEs or equivalent):  -French, German, Design Technology, Art, Drama, Music, Geography, History, Sociology, Physical Education, Business Studies, Health and Social Care, Child Development and ICT. 


We also facilitate three Personal Development days per year and there is one week of work experience for Year 10 students.


Post 16   

We have an extensive range of A Level courses on offer. The vast majority of students take their courses ‘in house’ at Henry Box but the timetabled collaboration with Wood Green School and Abingdon and Witney College ensures that we can offer over 20 subjects to our post 16 students.


Religious Studies and Assemblies

Religious Studies is taught in line with the S.A.C.R.E. guidelines.  These apply in all Oxfordshire schools.  Parents have the legal right to withdraw children from Religious Studies and from assemblies.  In practice, very few do so as our approach is to encourage students to think through issues and appreciate that there is a spiritual dimension to life. 


Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) 

Our SRE programme aims to complement and support the role of families.  In addition to providing an adequate knowledge of the basic facts of human sexuality, we aim to develop an appreciation of what responsible sexual behaviour entails.


While much of the factual information about sexuality is delivered through science courses in line with the National Curriculum requirements, a Personal, Social and Health Education programme encourages students to explore the moral and social implications in making relationships and of growing up.  The School Nurse, Mrs Mary Marshall, as a health professional, is available to advise students if so requested.


Fuller details of the Sex and Relationships Education programme are available via this website.  Families have the right to withdraw their children from sex education other than that prescribed by the National Curriculum science syllabuses.


Information Technology

The school has excellent computer facilities and a programme for developing ICT skills runs across all years.  Much of this is delivered within subject teaching and is supplemented by specific ICT lessons. 




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