World Bee Day 2022

Posted on: 16/06/2022

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20 each year. The purpose of the international day is to acknowledge the role of bees and other pollinators for the ecosystem.

Every year on this day, the global public will focus on the importance of preserving honeybees and all other pollinators. People will be reminded of the significance of bees in providing for the needs of humanity.

The task was to create a resource (like a poster) that is either focused on.

1) Why we must save our Bees

2) What can we do to save our Bees

3) Fascinating facts about Bees

4) A combination of some/all of the above

Winners will receive house points and a free Bee Bomb (wildflower seeds to attract Bees). Their resource will also go on display in the Science Department.



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