Year 9 Career Development Day

Posted on: 06/03/2018

Our Year 9 students took part in a ‘human library’ during their Career Development Day. Volunteers from 25 local businesses and public services came in to meet and share their knowledge and expertise with 225 students. 

A human library involves students ‘borrowing’ each volunteer – or ‘human book’ – for a short time to learn from all the knowledge inside each ‘book’ about their particular job, workplace and sector. Students have the opportunity to hear each individual talking passionately about what they do and to ask lots of questions, finding out all about their career choices and pathways, qualifications, experience and role.  The Year 9 students are currently making their GCSE choices and with this in mind these conversations with the businesses proved very useful.  

The new Career Strategy recommends that all secondary students have a meaningful interaction with someone from business every year.  These interactions not only inspire young people but also challenges pre-conceived ideas about jobs.  Having the opportunity to talk to people in a variety of roles helps the students to build knowledge and understanding of the range of careers available.

A human library is a great way to give students this valuable kind of contact with employers and introduce them to local businesses they may consider working for in the future. Its also an opportunity for students to build their confidence talking with professionals from business. 

During the day students also had the opportunity to hear presentations from Sixth form students, Abingdon and Witney College and The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Team.  They are due to also hear from Oxford Brookes University.