Summer - time for Strawberries and Sunflowers

Posted on: 16/06/2020

School closure and COVID19 can't stop everything. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we're getting just about the right anount of rain to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. And that's just what Freya MacFarlane in Y9 has been doing over half-term. She's been busy planting sunflowers and strawberries hoping that there will be enough for re-runs of Wimbledon and family picnics.


Freya said "My friend Ellie gave me the strawberries to plant. I didn’t really use any tools as the sunflower pots are very small and the strawberry pot already had soil in it." Here are a couple of photos of Freya's Sunflowers and Strawberries. They look healthy, are growing well and could be much bigger by now - stay tuned for updates.


We're hoping that the sunflowers grow large enough to compete for the world record height of 9.17m. That's higher than the roof of an average 2-storey house. There are House Points available for this - get it? Did you know that specialist Japanese strawberry farms grow very large and very expensive strawberries, worth about 50,000 YEN, or £350. Have a look at these monsters on the internet.


Have any other students been growing fruit, flowers or veg? If so, let us know. From what Freya says, it seems reasonably easy to grow your own, you don't need a lot of special kit, and the outcome is very rewarding. Well done Freya.


Freya 1

Freya 2