Whole school personal development - careers education day

Posted on: 06/03/2020


On Friday we welcomed 50 volunteers from the local business community who supported our whole school career development day. Students took part in workshops, mock interviews and a Human Library. Thank you to everyone who supported our students and all the businesses involved in supporting their staff in attending.
355 mock interviews
161 Human Library
197 MoneySense workshops (Natwest)

Some of the employer comments were;

  • Seeing the confidence shine from the students was a joy
  • Good to see motivated teens
  • The brilliant attitude of your students - meeting people you know are going to succeed
  • The students were very prepared and confident
  • The students were refreshingly confident, it was a pleasure meeting kind, polite and enthusiastic young people
  • Getting a message out to the students that what they are learning is relevant

Compilation Y12 13

Compilation Y11

Compilation Y9

Compilation Y9 b

Compilation Y8

Compilation Y7