Year 10 Health and Social Care students attended St Luke’s Hospital

Posted on: 07/11/2019

Year 10 Health and Social Care students attended St Luke’s Hospital in Headington this week, hearing from the staff on what life is like working in a social care setting.

"On Monday 4th November 2019, I went to St Luke’s hospital in Oxford with my health and social care class to learn about the some of the jobs and roles involved in a health and social care environment that we can apply to thinking towards our future. Firstly, we had a presentation from some of the members of staff at the hospital talking about the varieties of jobs they offer at the hospital, what their duties involve, and what they enjoy about it. They also gave us insight into how they care for their patients and how they respect them by giving them their independence and dignity. Afterwards, we were given a tour around the hospital, showing us around the facilities the offer for the short and long stay patients that they care for, and also the treatments they provide for them such as a café, an activities room, and a gym for any physiotherapy work the patients may need. I enjoyed visiting St Luke’s, because I learned about how health and social care fits into a real environment and helped me in deciding how I can use the skills I learn in my health and social care course in the future."

Grace Hollifield Year 10

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