Year 9 MFL trip to Queen’s College, Oxford

Posted on: 05/02/2019

Year 9 MFL trip to Queen’s College, Oxford

A group of Year 9 students visited Queen’s College for an afternoon of university style lectures and seminars in Modern Languages.  Sessions included an introduction to linguistics and learning a new language in half an hour.  We learned the Hebrew alphabet, how to write from right to left and how there is even a different alphabet for the printed form of the language.  The Portuguese lesson focused on pronunciation and translating the lyrics of the song Águas de Março – some students even sang along.

Students then worked in groups subtitling a film in either French or German before presenting their work as an audio commentary.  The day finished with a very informative talk on “Why study Modern Languages” and a question and answer session with undergraduate students who were able to share their experiences of language learning and living abroad. 

Our students were fantastic - participating enthusiastically in all activities and being ready to talk in foreign languages, even in front of native speakers. We were very proud of The Henry Box students.

Written by MFL Department