Museum without a Home

Posted on: 15/10/2018

4During the week of 8th October, The Henry Box School Oxfam Ambassador Group hosted the Museum without a Home. The museum consisted of items that had been given to the refugees that had arrived in Greece by the Greek people. Each item came with a small plaque that explained a little about the refugee who had received the item and the person who had given it. In some ways, this was more moving than the item itself, as it explained the horrors that many refugees had been through. A lot of the items given were small but very thoughtful and you could imagine that they would have had quite an impact on those who received them. Year 9 RS students were among some of the groups that went along to the exhibition to find out more about the lives of refugees and the Oxfam Stand as One campaign. Many students signed postcards to ask Robert Courts MP to support the Stand as One campaign and help more refugee families get reunited when they arrive in the UK. It was lovely to see the welcome blanket made by the Witney Refugee Action group, which was not just a beautiful work of art, but it provided a warm welcome to any refugees who arrive in Witney. The exhibition will be returning to Greece in the new year.


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