The Henry Box School Celebrates Outstanding A Level Results

Posted on: 16/08/2018

The Henry Box School is celebrating outstanding A Level results:


  Henry Box School National
A*-A      30%   26%
A*-B      58%  
A*-C      81%  
A*-E      99%   98%

Ten students achieved A-A* across all subjects.


Particular highlights include performance in the top grades of A*-A:


  Henry Box School National
Physics    50%    29%
Chemistry    33%    30%
Sociology    76%    18%
History    42%    24%
Religous Studies    50%    22%
Business studies    29%    15%
Psychology    20%    18%


These are excellent results and are down to the hard work of students, teachers and support staff over the last two years.

Well done everyone!