Grocers Trip

Posted on: 16/07/2018

On the 6th of July, 27 Year 9 students travelled to London to visit the Bank of England Museum and the Grocers’ Hall, accompanied by Mrs Wells, Mrs Pendrey and Mrs Parsons.

We arrived at the Bank of England after a long drive and set to work on a fact-finding sheet which took us all over the museum. We learnt about the history of the Bank and the important figures that were and are involved, such as Mark Carney, the current governor. One of the highlights was being able to pick up a real block of gold which weighed 13kg and was worth just under £400,000!

Then we left the museum and headed off to the Grocers’ Hall for lunch. It was surprising how posh the Hall was. Lunch was a great success followed by a tour of the Hall where we found out about the spice trade and saw the important meeting room.

Finally, it was time to drive back to Witney on the coach. This trip was informative and very enjoyable and we would like to say thank you for being given the opportunity to have this experience.

Laura Merifield 9ATO


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