Vertical Tutoring - A great start

Posted on: 05/07/2018

"Tutor time was great because the older ones are a good laugh and they were brilliant at involving us in the different tasks in tutor time!  We did the ‘would you rather’ task in tutor time and they let us have our say first and then reassured us about our answers.  The best part about meeting the older students was getting to know them more and having fun together as a group!"


"We think that is way better being in a tutor group with older students because it showed us that the year 9 and 10 students are really friendly and helpful and not scary at all.  The year 7 and 8 students helped us with things like ‘what to do’ and ‘what not do’ when we start at Year 7 in September giving us a much needed head start to secondary school."


"Our form tutor is really nice and friendly – we can’t wait until tomorrow as we might be getting cake!  When we arrived, we felt really welcome and were introduced to the rest of the form group in smaller group and tables – this helped us because it wasn’t as full on and was good to talk to lots of different students."

"Thank you for being so caring and kind to us on our transition days!"
Year 6 students 

"I loved finding all of the perks of my new form room and tutor - like getting homework support from my new tutor! The tutor reassured me that all students will do well in my new tutor group - she also helped me to work out productive groups for me in the form!" 
Year 7 student


"I can’t wait to settle into my new form group! I was massively reassured by my new form tutor - they said that the older students don’t bite and they made us feel like the form room would be really was comfortable!" 
Year 8 student


"Some of the boys in their new VT group were being really caring and super kind, helping the new Year 6 students find a seat, making sure they were in the middle of their group and helping them fill in their new Henry Box School guidance booklets. Some usually quiet, shy students suddenly became really confident and were offering advice about where to go if they were late, or got lost.  They were all really positive and just wanted to be helpful - it was really heart-warming!"
Ms Dasgupta


"Today the current Year 7-10 students welcomed the new Year 7 students (currently in Year 6) into their new mixed age form groups for the very first time - after shaking hands and being introduced to one another, the Year 6 students were brought over to the correct form rooms by the older and very responsible year 10 students. The new tutor groups spent time getting to know one another in small groups today, and are looking forward to more time getting to know the ropes and learning from one another in many registration and tutor times to come!"
Mr Gilkes