Chilterns Mountain Biking Trip 27th June

Posted on: 02/07/2018

The trip was a tremendous success, with perfect weather and terrific trails, the students and teachers were challenged by the endless climbs and rapid descents, completing nearly 30km by the end, but it also provided a great opportunity for teamwork and socialising. 

The trip was full of exhilarating adventures, such as fast paced downhill descents, stopping by at a church for flapjacks and drinks, spotting wild wonders including deer and pheasants, and photographing stunning landscapes from hilltops. 
On the other hand there were also a few hurdles along the way, for example two students colliding into each other and falling into the ground, fortunately no one was injured; we also had an unfortunate puncture, but this was quickly resolved with efficiency and team effort.
Overall the trip was extremely enjoyable and an unforgettable experience, many thanks to Stuart McGuiness for instructing and supporting the group and also Mr. Gilkes, Ms. Lowson and Mr. Trinder for providing the students with this great opportunity.   

Written by John-Paul Thomas, Year 11