Visit from Religious Leader to RS lessons

Posted on: 26/06/2018

On Monday 25th June we welcomed a priest from Kidlington, the Revd Dr Laura Biron-Scott, into two RS classes. Firstly, she visited Year 9 with Ms Hardie where the class were learning about Christian views about the aims of punishment. Then she visited Year 8 with Mrs Hewett where issues to do with diversity within Christianity were being discussed. In both classes students had the opportunity to ask the Revd Laura about what her job involves and about her opinion on religious questions that we have been learning about in RS. Students were interested to find out what being a priest actually involves and also to see that different Christians do hold different views on ethical and moral issues. Here are some of the responses to the Revd. Laura’s visit from our Year 8 students.


“I’ve learnt that priests do more than just ceremonies in church. They also go to hospitals and to people’s houses to talk to them.”


“I found it interesting that priests sometimes disagree with their own denomination’s teachings.”


“Hearing about going to heaven has changed my views on it.”