Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)

Wendy hemmingsley

Wendy Hemmingsley


Wendy joined the school in September 2013 and has served on senior leadership teams in both Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire. As Headteacher, she has overall responsibility for the standards across the school, with a focus on improving student achievement through high challenge and high support. Wendy leads on the promotion of the school’s core purpose, vision and values. By building on the many strengths of The Henry Box School, she is responsible for ensuring that there is a culture of continuous improvement with high quality learning and teaching at the centre. Wendy aims for Henry Box to continue to be a school where everyone is given the opportunity to achieve of their best.  In October 2015, she also became CEO of The MILL Academy Trust which is a small, local trust built on collaboration and partnership working.  

Rebecca goddard 0

Rebecca Goddard 

Deputy Headteacher

Becky joined The Henry Box School in September 2009 from Fitzharrys School, Abingdon, where she had been Head of Geography, Business Studies and Economics for 6 years. Becky has responsibility for ensuring the quality of learning and teaching at Henry Box is as good as it can be, so that all students enjoy their learning and achieve to their full potential.

Paul hayward 0Paul Hayward

Assistant Headteacher 

Paul joined The Henry Box School in September 2014 from Matthew Arnold School, Oxford where he had been Curriculum Leader for Mathematics. Previous to this he was a Teaching and Learning Advisor for South Gloucestershire, a role which primarily focused on improving student outcomes in mathematics across the Local Authority. As Assistant Headteacher (Progress and Standards), he has responsibility for ensuring student progress data is effectively tracked so that interventions can be utilised to maximise student outcomes.

Nichola stretton 1Nichola Stretton 

Business Manager

Nichola joined The Henry Box School in October 2014, having previously been the Finance Business Partner for the Children & Young People’s Services at Buckinghamshire County Council. Nichola has been a qualified public sector accountant since 2009 and has worked in local authority finance for over 25 years. Nichola's responsibilities include the school’s finances & business development, the school site and facilities, human resources, information technology, health & safety, and the leadership and management of support staff.