GCSE and A Level Results' Days and Exam Information

Process for awarding gcses as and a levels summer 2020

Year 11 Results’ Day Thursday 20th August 2020

We would like to invite students to collect their exam results in person in a socially distanced manner.  If the weather is favourable, tables will be set up outside the Mary Box Building and arrival times are as follows:

Arrival time Surnames beginning with letters:
09:00 A-B
09:15 C-E
09:30 F-G
09:45 H-K
10:00 L-M
10:15 N-P
10:30 R-S
10:45 T-W

Students should queue on the left-hand side of the drive one metre apart and, after results have been collected, leave via the car park and the bus gate.  We will not be able to have any additional visitors or family members on site at this time and would encourage you not to congregate outside the school gate.  If the weather is inclement, we will use the hall with the same queueing system, and students will leave the Hall by D & T.


Exam Information

Results will be issued on 13 August at 9am for A level and from 9am on 20 August as noted above in time slots for GCSE. We will supply grades for all subjects entered by students as issued by the exam boards.

If a student wishes to see their Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) as supplied by The Henry Box School to the exam boards, the student must request them from 4th September by emailing with ‘please release my CAGs’ in the email title. Parents cannot request the CAGs and CAGs will not be issued to parents.

Please note that the CAG may be higher than, lower than or the same as the final result received from the exam board. The exam board grade is the only grade that counts.


Dissatisfaction with the grades issued by exam boards does not constitute grounds for appeal.

Students may only appeal their exam board grade if there is evidence of an administrative error by the school or exam board, for example if there is a significant difference between the CAG and the final exam board grade.

A student may only complain to the school about the process if they have evidence that they have suffered from discrimination or bias.

If students are unhappy with their exam board grade, they may choose to sit their exams in the Autumn term.

Autumn exam series

The dates are as follows:

  Dates Entry Deadline
A levels 5 - 23 October 2020 3 September 2020
GCSE 2 - 23 Novemeber 2020

English Language and Maths: 1 October 2020

All other GCSE subjects: 17 September 2020


Exams Office summer opening 

12,13,14,19,20 and 21 August 2020.


Ofqual: Student guide to post-16 qualifications results Summer 2020

Please see the attached guide produced by Ofqual with further details about results. This guide should help with understanding how results have been awarded this year and where to find more information. Click here.