The Link

Our role within the school

The Link staff, Su Trinder, Steven Payne, Jackie Vaux, Rebecca West (School Counsellors) work alongside the Learning Support Department, Alternative Curriculum Co-ordinator, Lead Teaching Assistant (Autism Spectrum Conditions), parents and outside agencies.


Our Aim

Our aim is to support students to overcome social, emotional, mental health and autism spectrum needs by ensuring early intervention to prevent escalation of any difficulties that are beginning to get in the way of learning.  We support student well-being and behaviour to improve learning and progress.



Students are referred to The Link. We provide targeted individual interventions to meet their needs. We develop a time limited plan, deliver the intervention, evaluate, monitor and offer advice and strategies to staff.


What The Link offers

One to one support on a specific area of difficulty.  Group work created around an individual or to meet the needs of a group who have similar needs and assist building relationships in a safe environment.  Approaches vary and can include:

  • Communication, Social Skills and Friendship groups
  • Counselling*

  • Organisational skills

  • Transition groups

  • Anxiety and self-esteem interventions

  • Managing anger

  • Stress workshops for exams

  • Life Skills groups

  • Social clubs which include Breakfast Club and Games Clubs

  • Collaborative work with the Lead Teaching  Assistant (Autism Spectrum Conditions), the Lead for Young Carers and Alternative Curriculum Co-ordinator

  • Collaborative work with the Early Intervention Hub and other agencies

  • CAF/TAF input

  • Supporting school attendance issues

  • Engagement with parents

  • Advice and strategies to other staff

*Many people seek help from a counsellor at some time in their life, for a multitude of reasons.  They may have lost a special person, have difficulties getting on with family, be worried about change, find work, school or college hard to cope with or feel depressed for what seems like no reason.

A counsellor is trained to listen attentively while the person talks through their problems, and help you to find solutions or coping strategies.  The counsellor is at school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and has a room in Trelawney House.  Referrals to the counsellor can be made through tutors or a trusted member of school staff.   


Our Approach

By working as a team, alongside parents, students and other agencies, we can all play a part in removing significant barriers to learning, whilst maintaining high expectations and supporting students to make the right choices in working towards achieving their learning potential.