Enrichment 18th-20th July 2018

Enrichment takes place on Wednesday (18th July), Thursday (19th July) and Friday (20th July) of the last full week of the summer term for all students in Years 7 to 9. It is devised and run by teachers and includes a wide variety of enrichment events both in and out of school. Attendance is compulsory, just like any normal school week.

The importance of enrichment

- Charlotte Halls Year 7

Enrichment is good because it’s all about working together and learning new things. I think it is good for the students because its teaching them new things and its very fun to do something other than lessons. It is also good for the teachers because they get to see what students are like other than in lessons, what they are good at and their strengths and weaknesses. I think that it’s a great opportunity for the students to get to know each other better and learn new things and do the things they enjoy.

Yesterday, the press team interviewed Ms Hemmingsley . She said “I’m enjoying the variety; it’s the variety that we’re offering”. She also thinks that it is very good that it brings students closer together as she says, “It’s different students coming together from different ages”. She believes that it affects teachers in a positive way; students and teachers see each other differently than they normally would do in class. Ms Hemmingsley thinks that enrichment is a good experience for both students and teachers; it builds up relationship and teamwork. She says, “it’s about trying new things and seeing what you like”.

Overall, I think that enrichment is very successful for students to do and it brings a positive, happy and enjoyable atmosphere to the school. Many teachers enjoy it and love running the activities and seeing students team work skills and positivity develop further. Many students enjoy it, as it’s a nice way to enjoy doing what you like and have fun. The importance of enrichment is to see what students can do and to learn more.




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