English Literature A Level

Top Tips for Success:

  • Revisit previous essays you have written and consult the feedback given by your teacher. Arrive at the lesson with specific questions you could ask your teacher about how to improve or what good answers look like.
  • Keep reading logs, characters notes and quotation notes that are specific, have enough room for you to add more later and will be useful when you return to revision after you’ve taken a pause from studying it.
  • Engage with wider critical views by reading professional academic essays related to your text (search ‘Google Scholar’ or ‘The English Review’ in the library) and make notes.
  • Speak with other students about the texts, and participate in discussion in the lesson.
  • Know the context and features of different literary era, and think about how this shapes meaning in the texts you are studying. Address your own areas of weakness or low confidence by reading around to find out more about the different developments in literature.
  • Use the English Study Room ‘A Room with a View’ to choose wider reading texts and use the revision guides.


Our Specification:

AQA English Literature A Level, Specification A


Useful Websites:


Poetry Foundation

Universtiy of Oxford - Great Writers Inspire

British Library - Discover and Learn


A Level Assessment Objectives:

AO1: Articulate informed, personal and creative approaches to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and coherent, accurate written expression.

AO2: Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts.

AO3: Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received.

AO4: Explore connections across literary texts.

AO5: Explore literary texts informed by different interpretations.


Teacher emails:

Miss Maltas

Miss Mackenzie

Miss Hawkins

Mr Jarrett

Mr Todd