Thu Jul 24 2014
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Details of Year 11 Prom date change

Welcome to The Henry Box School


The Henry Box School is an exciting community with which to be associated. In 2013, we achieved our best ever GCSE results and were praised by Ofsted across all categories. You can read the full Ofsted report here.

Teachers have high expectations of both themselves and their students. We are always looking for ways to support and challenge our young people so that they can achieve their best. Understandably, we also have high expectations in relation to attendance, punctuality, uniform and conduct; we want everyone to have every opportunity to be successful.

Students at The Henry Box School know about the importance of examination success, but they also know that being part of this school means that they will be given a whole range of opportunities to excel in activities beyond the classroom. These include: the arts, sport, technology, languages, raising money for charity, reading widely, being active members of the community and The Duke of Edinburgh Award to name but a few.

We are a genuine comprehensive school and are proud of our commitment to our core values of respect, self-discipline, responsibility and hard work. This website can only give you a flavour of The Henry Box School. If you would like to know more and are considering our school for your family, please contact us to arrange an appointment. We would be delighted to show you around.

WJ Hemmingsley



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